The Lands of Interphaze have felt the influence of a pantheon of different gods and goddesses. Some created the lands, others visit it from time to time, and still others grant powers to their followers to fulfill their various goals in the material world.

Clerics are the priests of individual gods and goddesses. Usually they choose, or are chosen by, a single god or goddess and granted power through prayers. Because their magic is granted from a deity channeling their power through the cleric, they are not considered spellcasters.

Some Clerics grant powers from their deity to non-priest champions, called Paladins.  Paladins are holy warriors that are dedicated to the church of one particular god or goddess. Their piety is rewarded with some special powers others would not be able to access in order to aid in the service of their deity.

The official religion of the land is the worship of the Pantheon of Good, however the laws grant a limited freedom of religion to the citizens to worship gods of their own choosing with the exception of the following; it is considered treasonous to aid a god or goddess that is actively trying to overthrow, take over, or in some other way harm the country of Interphaze.

The King worships Lord Orrim of the Hospital, the protector.

Lord Orrim is the god of just war, fought to protect the innocent and helpless or to defend the land from evil. He is the leader of the pantheon of good. He is also a healer, and many hospitals and places of healing are dedicated to him. Travelers also seek his protection when they take long journey’s. Many paladins, if they choose to serve a single deity, dedicate themselves to Orrim’s service, seeing his goals of protecting innocents and fighting evil as aligned with their own. His holy symbol is known as “Orrim’s Star” a white five pointed maltese cross on a red field.