“In my opinion, generally speaking, I’ve found Halflings acceptable. They are harmonious with nature and unlikely to cause undue strife. Except for one particular exiled little *$%!@.” – Panalanthalas Grwn

Halflings personify the love of food, drink and a quiet life. Unfortunately, not all of them stay in the quiet life. Halflings tend to be about 3 feet tall, and proportionally stockier even than Dwarves. They tend to get a little grumpy when they miss one of their 5 daily meals. Their communities are tightly knit and they tend to resist the foolish ideas that outsiders may present. However, this is the result of a natural skittishness which makes Halflings susceptible to fear. From a very young age, Halflings become adept at thrown or hurled items, honing their skills far into adulthood. The braver of the breed have been found in the lands of Interphaze, and flourish largely because they tend to be overlooked. Their unassuming stature is sometimes their salvation since the bigger and stronger people nearby tend to draw more attention. Halflings have a mild uncanny luck that allows them to move in the nick of time or oddly avoid a potential pitfall. Their keen eyesight allows them to operate equally well in daylight or darkness.


There are an incredible variety of names in Halfling culture, with names tending towards those that evoke nature, and are happy or “bright” sounding. Examples include “Merrimac Bumbleroot Mugwort the 5th,” “Sunflower Derrion,” and “Pippin.”

Racial Traits

+5 bonus to Quick saves
+10 bonus to Mind saves
-5 Resist vs. Fear
+5 Accuracy with Slings and thrown weapons


An opponent must make a contested mind save to target the Halfling provided two conditions are met:

  1. There is a physically larger enemy target within 2 steps of that opponent.
  2. The Halfling has not targeted that any opponents during the encounter.

Small Size

– Cannot use heavy weapons

– Medium weapons gain the Heavy attribute, and all normal rules for wielding Heavy weapons apply.