Half Giant

“They’re very handy on sunny days. They make great shade trees but without the funny conversation.” – Firerun Spiritsinger

Whether through (very) selective breeding or some sort of magical combination, Half-Giants have appeared in the lands of Interphaze. Picture an especially tall, beefy human, and scale them up by a good 50%. Half-Giants tend towards great strength and exaggerated height mixed with a good portion of clumsiness. What they lose in grace, they make up for in hitting something really, really hard. Appearances may vary depending on which side of the family is more dominant. Some appear as great shaggy goliaths with limited communication skills and a fondness for rocks, while others appear to be merely exceptionally sized humans with a fondness for… rocks. Because they can cover a very wide spectrum of behaviors, they are too broadly varied for description. Half-Giants often lean towards the warrior classes and are generally considered fearsome fighters. It’s rare indeed to find a Half-Giant spell caster, since they don’t generally possess the deep thought and discipline for the arcane arts. One thing is certain, they like their weapons big.


Half-Giants may have either Human or Gaint names, sometimes combining the two, depending on the parents and in which culture they were raised. Giant names tend toward the guttural and monosyllabic, much in the manner of Ogres or Orcs.  Typical names include “Togg,” “Fanjer,” and “Gunt.”

Racial Traits

+10 bonus to Tough saves
-5 penalty to Quick saves
+2 HP at character creation
+5 Accuracy with thrown rocks
+5 Defense vs. Projectiles
-5 Accuracy in Darkness or Low Light conditions

Large Size

-5 Attack vs. Small or Tiny targets
– Cannot use Light weapons
– Medium weapons are treated as Light for all purposes
– Heavy weapons are treated as Medium for all purposes
– Super Heavy weapons are treated as Heavy for all purposes
– Move 3 steps every other count