“Don’t you have something to mine…somewhere?” – Ratath

Short, stocky and apparently created from the very stone they come from; Dwarves personify the term “salt of the earth”. Many cultures have their own myths about the appearance and personalities of the Dwarven race, but Interphaze has come to adopt the Tolkienesque. Rarely are dwarves seen over 4′ tall and it’s a rare specimen indeed that is in need of Rogaine. Males tend to wear their hair and beards long. This is a status symbol in Dwarven culture. Females, while very rare, may be difficult to distinguish from the males. Dwarves tend to be somewhat gruff, intolerant and occasionally confrontational. They tend to be distrustful of other races but realize that if they wish to sell their goods, they have to play nice with others. Dwarven friendships are difficult to earn but last until death. Betrayal is dealt with most bitterly with the philosophy of “fool me once and there’ll be no twice.” Dwarves excel in the Martial Arts, and are generally exceptional warriors. However, they find careers wielding magic difficult since as a race, they play with it very little. Most dwarves excel in mining and metallurgy as well, crafting items out of metal and stone. Dwarven weapons and armor are highly prized for their durability. Unfortunately, their ale may prove toxic to other races since Dwarven hardiness lends resistance to many forms of poison.


Dwarves tend to favor hard, sometimes guttural names, often with some sort of title as a surname. For example, “Dain Ironfist” or “Gort da Dwarf From Under da Mountain”.

Racial Traits

+10 bonus to Tough saves
-5 penalty to Quick saves
+5 Resist vs. Elemental Magic (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ice, Magma, Acid, or Lightning)
+3 HP at character creation
+5 Attack with Hammers