Character Races

Race Information

There are ten races to choose from in the lands of Interphaze. Each character must choose one and only one race at Character Creation. A character’s race influences their abilities, personality, intelligence, night vision, constitution, and other factors. Race can help formulate a character’s background story, goals, and motivations. It also might affect how you create your costume. Unlike other traits such as name, only extremely rare and powerful magic could change what race your character was born into. This has only happened a handful of times in recorded Phaze history and only under drastic circumstances. Attempting or seeking out such magic can have unintended consequences. So choose carefully!

Playable Standard Races


Playable Hybrid Races

Half-Elf (Human/ Elf)
Half-Giants (Human/ Giant)
Half-Orcs (Human/ Orc)
Kenogres (Kender/ Ogre)