Clerics are the mortal ambassadors for the gods.  Without Clerics, gods have no power to sway the world.  Clerics are granted spells from their Deity in exchange for their work and loyalty.

Attack: Medium
Accuracy: Medium
Defense: Medium
Resistance: Medium

Tough: Medium
Quick: High
Mind: Medium

Hit Points: Medium
Maximum Energy Points at 20th Level: 101

Weapon Proficiencies: Light, Medium
Armor Proficiencies: All

Allowed Alignments: Any, though a Cleric’s alignment must match or be within one alignment grade of their deity’s.


Cleric Spellcasting


Clerics gain selections at levels 1,3,5 // 6-12 // 13-19 // 20

Heavy Weapon Proficiency
Save Bonus
Extra EPs
Create Personal Spell Scroll
Create Sacramental Item
Imbue Sacramental Blessing
Deity Path - Lord Orrim (War, Good, Life, Alignment: 1)
Deity Path - Airmed (Peace, Good, Life, Alignment: 1)
Deity Path - Ignacious (War, Good, Fire, Alignment: 2)
Deity Path - Rysche (Order, Life, Plant, Alignment: 2)
Deity Path - Three-Faced Goddess (Life, Death, Order, Alignment: 3)
Deity Path - Kildaire (Knowledge, Luck, Order, Alignment: 3)
Deity Path - Zigg'ureth (Chaos, Luck, Obfuscation, Alignment: 4)
Deity Path - Mistrianith (Evil, Fate, Death, Alignment: 5)
Establish Deity Path
Spell Path Focus
Establish Priests
Establish Temple
Ritual Acts
Bestow Faith Mark
Paladin Commissions