Our Team

Interphaze is a 100% volunteer run group that has been running LARP events in and around the Twin Cities for over 26 years. Interphaze was started in 1987 by a man we all loving call “Doc”. It began as an extension of a paper and pencil roleplaying game and quickly grew to a full blown event with players in costume battling it out with foam weapons against epic monster props. His dream was to give players of all ages the chance to immerse themselves fully in an adventure.

Today, Interphaze is organized and run by a leadership team that oversees the logistics, theatre of the game, game mechanics, story and word setting, and the business side of things.

Our team also includes many other volunteers that donate their time to helping make each event a success. Together we strive to provide quality events that continue in Doc’s tradition to let players live a whole weekend as a hero from a past time.

We are truly passionate about LARP and do everything we reasonably can to make sure our players and crew alike enjoy each and every Interphaze event. We love to hear from you, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, ideas, comments, or if you wish to volunteer to help our crew!