The country of Interphaze is a crossroads of many cultures, consequently attracting a bustling merchant trade. There is a wide variety of goods available for purchase, and an adventurer can stock up on everything they need, from weapons and armor, to potions of healing, to magical items that might be just the thing for getting out of a tricky spot. Most merchants will have a set asking price, but there are some who are willing to barter or trade for goods or services.


The currency of Interphaze is called a Phazian,usually shortened to the abbreviation Pz. One Phazian could buy a simple meal. Ten Pz would pay for a normal quality dagger. Thirty Phazians would purchase a minor healing potion. High quality armor or weapons might cost 100 Pz or more, depending on the cost of materials.

The coiners of the realm have traditionally made Phazians out of brightly colored stones found deep beneath the Dwarven mountains. Each stone is cut smooth and polished until it shines. Each color represents a different value.

  • Clear, 1
  • Blue, 2
  • Green, 5
  • Red, 10
  • Amber, 50
  • Purple, 100

In recent years, the stones used to make Phazians have become more and more rare. The coiners of the realm have begun instead to create Phazian coins made of metal. Using new gnomish technologies, they are able to print the desired value directly on the coins.

In robust areas of trade, one occasionally also finds foreign currency or other treasure used along side the official Interphazian currency. Most merchants will accept a variety of currency and may also double as appraisers or money changers. There are some, though, that will refuse to trade in soulstones or blood money because of the negative connotations associated with legends of how they are created.

For more information on rates of exchange please see: The Interphaze Value Chart PDF.

Market Prices

As in most markets, the items available for sale by merchants vary wildly in price.  Many of the merchants have come together to establish some basic guidelines, however.  Generally speaking, you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of 10 Pz per EP spent in creating the item you’re buying.