The World of Interphaze

Interphaze is a fantasy realm that draws inspiration mostly from the European medieval and early renaissance time periods with a sprinkling of other heroes from other lands, cultures, and time periods.

Cultural Inspiration

From the Frozen North hail heroes very similar to Vikings, from the far east come monks and samurai. From the lands of Lavalla across the sea come warriors very similar to greek and roman fighters from earth’s classical days. From the Sea of Grasses or the Forsaken Sands might hail heroes who resemble Mongols or Persians. Wandering tribes of Romani help maintain the roads and bridges of the kingdom, for a fee, of course. Pirates sometimes appear from other worlds, having lost their way on the high seas and found instead of their home the shores of Interphaze.

The country of Interphaze is a melting pot of a variety of cultures. As a result, there is a rich variety of costumes, accents, money, cusine, customs, and rituals, but the unifying theme is heroes of the past.