Code of Conduct


1. Entertainment

Interphaze, through the course of its events and sponsored gatherings, provides each participant the same, equal opportunity for enjoyment and fun. However, Interphaze does not bear the responsibility for your mood, or your enjoyment of the event or gathering.

How much enjoyment you choose to take away from an Interphaze sponsored event or gathering is completely up to you, and reflects the energy you bring to the event or gathering.

2. Physical Interaction

During the course of Interphaze’s Live Action Role-Play (LARP) events, a certain amount of touching and physical interaction is to be expected. Light touch with approved Interphaze costume weaponry is allowed. Light touch in demonstration of “unarmed attacks” is also allowed.

Wrestling, grabbing, holding, pinning, and/or any other physical contact that restricts or otherwise limits the mobility or range of motion of any other participant is only allowed with the permission of that participant.

Any weapon or attack pantomime performed at full-speed is prohibited, with the exception of Tournament Dueling, as moderated by Interphaze Judges.

3. Fighting

Physical aggression towards any person during an Interphaze LARP event is strictly prohibited. Aggression towards other participants will result in one of the following:

  • mediated talks to resolve the cause for dispute,
  • a verbal warning of future action should aggression continue,
  • a temporary restriction of participation privileges,
  • expulsion from the current LARP event,
  • restricted or no access to future LARP events, and/or
  • legal action as warranted by severity of aggression.

4. Grievances

Any participant who should come to bear a grievance against Interphaze or another participant may resolve their grievance in the following manner:

  1. bring attention of their grievance to the Head Judge of Interphaze,
  2. work with the Head Judge to find a resolution that is acceptable to all parties involved; if no resolution can be found, the participant may:
    • cease participation with expectation of a full refund of the event fee, or
    • request the grievance be escalated to the Executive Team, who will respond to the grievance within 30 calendar days

5. Rule Enforcement

Enforcement of Interphaze’s game rules is the responsibility of Interphaze Judges. Any decision or arbitration made by any Interphaze Judge concerning the rules of the game is considered binding and final, with the following exception:

The Interphaze Head Judge has the sole authority to overturn, modify, or nullify any ruling made by any Interphaze Judge, including his/her self.

6. Social Interaction

All social interaction both “in play” and “out of play” are subject to the following:

  1. Interphaze is a family-oriented event. Participants are expected to be aware of the potential presence of children and choose their language appropriately.
  2. Ridicule, disparaging remarks, hate speech, and other aggressive, harmful language is prohibited outside of play.
  3. In-play remarks that could be considered hurtful will be immediately followed by an explanation that the remarks were meant in the nature of the game, and not intended as a personal attack.

7. Alcohol Use

The consumption of intoxicating beverages during an Interphaze event is controlled by the policies of the facility/recreational area at which the Interphaze event occurs. For example: Minnesota State Parks prohibit the consumption of intoxicating beverages; Interphaze events in MN State Parks are therefore alcohol-free.

8. Smoking

Smoking during an Interphaze event is controlled by the policies of the facility/recreational area at which the Interphaze event occurs.

9. Drug Use

Consumption of illegal drugs or narcotics of any kind during an Interphaze event is strictly prohibited by Interphaze.