“Only a mad man would take an annoying little Kender and cross pollinate them with the gentle soul of an Ogre. Hmmmmm.” – Baelvan

Some subjects should never be broached, some actions never taken. In lieu of that, we now present the Kenogre as a starting race. History is currently tracking the progress of the Kenogre. The lineage of the Kenogre can quite literally be traced back to an unusual collaboration between Holymin Coollookingthingholder, a Kender Cleric, and Baelvan, a druid who shape shifted into a female Ogre. While we will avoid the details, suffice it to the rather unusual byproduct is now a player race.


Kenogres may have either Kender or Ogrish names, sometimes combining the two, depending on the parents and in which culture they were raised. Ogrish names tend toward the guttural and monosyllabic, much in the manner of Giants or Orcs. It should be noted, however, that young Kenogres are most often brought up in Kender society as Ogres are known to view young Kenogres as a tasty after dinner morsel.

Racial Traits

-5 penalty to Quick saves
+5 Resist vs. Fear
-5 Resist vs. Charm/Trust effects
+5 Attack with Hoopak
+1 Damage with melee weapons
-5 Resist vs. Illusions
-1 EP to Primary Class at character creation
+1 HP at character creation

Randomized Treasure

Kenogres have such a predisposition to losing and finding items that retaining magic items is impossible (unless the item *wants* to be retained). Between Phaze events, a Kendogre loses all magic items in their possession, and they are replaced with a new set of random magical items at the beginning of the next event.

Kenogre Taunt

Casting Time: 1
Effect: Mental Influence: Cause Emotion (Anger towards Kenogre)
Range: Medium
AoE: 1 target
Duration: Encounter
Save: Acc+M vs. Res(M): Negates
Method: 1: Taunt target