“There’s nothing more useful than having Kender in your party. Just scatter them in front of charging monsters like caltrops. They’ll never realize what hit them.” – Malcolm Macleod

The average Kender is about three feet tall, lightly built, and possesses an infinite curiosity and sense of wonder. Their driving motivation is to see and collect everything. Kender are legendary for their thieving tendencies, but this is inaccurate. Kender are not thieves. However, Kender culture emphasizes the sharing of property, and Kender simply don’t understand that most other races don’t view property in the same way. Because possessions are a relative thing among the Kender, from time to time they may realize they have an item that they didn’t have before or that they don’t have an item that they thought they did. Most times, these exchanges occur without the Kender’s conscious knowledge.

While Kender have no sense of fear whatsoever, they’re not stupid and are fully capable of judging when they are facing something beyond their means. Their sense of wonder and innocence also means that Kender can often be easily convinced to take a course of action they may not have initially considered.

Kender are also masters of taunting and provocation. Kender taunts often enrage the target to the point of a blind fury in which the target will do nothing but attempt to inflict as much harm on the Kender as possible.


It has been said that a Kender’s last name is derived from the family profession, and the first name from whatever the mother was looking at when she gave birth. While this certainly has a basis in fact, there are many exceptions to the rule. Some examples are “Fife Hossenfur” and “Holymin Coollookingthingholder”.

Racial Traits

+15 Resist vs. Fear
-5 Resist vs. Charm/Trust effects
+5 Accuracy with Hoopak
-1 HP at character creation

Small Size

– Cannot use heavy weapons
– Medium weapons gain the Heavy attribute, and all normal rules for wielding Heavy weapons apply.

Randomized Treasure

Kender have such a predisposition to losing and finding items that retaining magic items is impossible (unless the item *wants* to be retained). Between Phaze events, a Kender loses all magic items in their possession, and they are replaced with a new set of random magical items at the beginning of the next event.

Kender Taunt

Casting Time: 1
Effect: Mental Influence: Cause Emotion (Anger towards Kender)
Range: Medium
AoE: 1 target
Duration: Encounter
Save: Acc+M vs. Res(M): Negates
Method: 1: Taunt target