“They can be very grumpy for being so big and having so many interesting things.” – Quill Shinyfact

Despite being one of the younger races in the lands of Interphaze, Humanity has managed to flourish through sheer adaptability. Humans can be found in any climate or region that is even remotely capable of sustaining life. They are both free spirited and passionate, and this makes them powerful, especially in numbers. Very few things are as dangerous as a large group of Humans with a mob mentality. Attempting to force a Human to do something gets you an enemy for life, but if you can convince one to join your cause, they will likely lay down their life for you. While Humans lack the raw strength of body or will found in some other races, it is dangerous to underestimate them because of their resourcefulness – Humans always have one more trick up their sleeves.


There is probably more variety in human names than in any other race, ranging from the traditional, to the descriptive, to the bizarre. Some examples include “Malcolm Macleod” (though technically, he was a Half-Giant with a human name), “X’Ana,” Von”, “Anzarr”, “Krek” (frequently paired with a title, such as “the insane” or “the benign”), or “Lord Greckor”.

Racial Traits

+5 Defense with Shields
+5 Resist vs. Domination effects
-5 Resist vs. Charm/Trust effects
+2 EP to Primary Class at character creation
+1 Special Ability charge per day
-10 Accuracy in Darkness or Low Light conditions