Half Orc

“We are every bit as good as our Human cousins…well…we might be better singers.” – Warthog Mushmall

Having many of the characteristics of their Orc descendants, Half-Orcs rarely win any beauty pageants. Half-Orcs tend to be larger than the average human, and are often heartier and stockier in build. Tusks, greenish skin, broad flat noses, black wiry hair and other strong Orcish features are common among Half-Orcs.

Half-Orcs tend to be strong, aggressive, and not the worlds deepest thinkers. While it’s not unheard of for Half-Orcs to pursue the casting arts, most that do lean towards Druidism. Half-Orcs do not see nearly as well at night as their full Orcish counterparts.

Half-Orcs tend to shy away from their full blood kin since they are rarely accepted. If they do try to integrate into Orcish culture, they must expect a life of constant combat for dominance or demonstrate superior abilities as a horde’s shaman. Life can also be difficult for a Half-Orc in human culture since it would be a constant reminder of the evils awaiting them in the woods.


Half-Orcs may have either Human or Orcish names, sometimes combining the two, depending on the parents and in which culture they were raised. Orcish names tend toward the guttural and monosyllabic, much in the manner of Ogres or Giants.  Examples include: Warthog Mushmall, Mugluk, Dermak, and Tog.

Racial Traits

+15 bonus to Tough saves
-5 penalty to Mind saves
+5 Attack with Swords
+5 Resist vs. Disease
+5 HP at character creation
-1 EP at character creation
-5 Accuracy in Darkness or Low Light conditions