Half Elf

“Take the worst of a human, mix it with the worst of the elves, drain any remaining intelligence and, ‘Boom!’, what you’ve got left wouldn’t even make a good Goblin.” – Boom-Boom, the Goblin King

Quite the contrary, many consider the Half-Elf as a sprinkling of the best of elves and humans, though sometimes they are accepted by neither. Haughtier Elves and Humans may view the Half-Elf as tainted or thin blooded. Half-Elves tend to be close to human sized, with lighter than average build and fairer appearance. A Half-Elf can often be mistaken for a human but rarely the other way around. Many of the Half-Elven abilities stem from the elf side of the family so they tend to pursue arcane or roguish arts. If they follow the warrior path, their abilities develop from skill and grace rather than brute force. Their lifestyles may revolve around nature or urban depending upon choice and upbringing.


Half-Elves may have either Human or Elvish names, sometimes combining the two, depending on the parents and in which culture they were raised.  Examples include: “Zeldria Eboncloak,” and “Corteus Seath.”

Racial Traits

-1 HP at character creation
+5 bonus to Quick saves
+5 Resist vs. Mental Effects
+5 Accuracy with Bows (except crossbows)
+1 EP to Primary Class at character creation
-5 Accuracy in Darkness or Low-Light situations