“Yeah, well, what’s so great about huggin’ trees anyway?” – Gort da Dwarf From Under da Mountain

Of all the races in Interphaze, the Elves are by far the oldest. They are fair of hair and skin, exceptionally long lived, and wise. The Elves have been around since the beginning of the world and may be present to witness its ending. They are in harmony with nature; the majority of Elves work to protect and preserve the wildlands, but a rare few enjoy the excitement of urban living despite its alien feel. Elves tend toward archery and weapons that are fine and light. Their love of magic and lore allow them to weave intricate spells and enchantments. Their age makes them excellent counselors, having a long and varied list of experiences to draw from. Elven goods tend to be beautifully decorated and graceful in appearance. Elves tend to be lithe and dexterous rather than stocky and muscled. While not necessarily narcissistic, their beautiful appearance may be interpreted by some as vanity.


Elves prefer flowery, exotic names. Tolkien’s Elvish is a good source of material for examples, but is far from the be all and end all. Some examples include “Slari Cu-Beleg,” “Althea noth’Loriel,” and “Panalanthalas Grwn”.

Racial Traits

+10 bonus to Quick saves
-5 penalty to Tough saves
+10 Resist vs. Mental Effects
+5 Accuracy with Bows (except crossbows)
+1 EP to Primary Class at character creation
-2 HP at character creation