Scoundrels, assassins, ne’er-do-wells, freelance merchants specializing in rare and exotic goods, finders… These are all terms used to describe the less-than-savory elements of society.  Rogues thrive in the shadows, just outside scrutiny.  Their skills are as varied as their personalities.  Some focus on thievery, others on assassinations.  The noblest of them are expert treasure hunters and trap finders.  Whatever their talents, rogues specialize in doing what needs doing, with little questions or explanation.

Attack: Medium
Accuracy: Medium
Defense: Medium
Resistance: Medium

Tough: Medium
Quick: High
Mind: Medium

Hit Points: Medium
Maximum Energy Points at 20th Level: 130

Weapon Proficiencies:  Light, Medium
Armor Proficiencies:  Light

Allowed Alignments: Any





Rogues gain selections at level 1,3,5 // 6-12 // 13-19 // 20

Heavy Weapon Proficiency
Medium Armor Proficiency
Extra HPs
Save Bonus
Fighting Style Expert
Shadow Operations
Shadow Movement - Requires Shadow Operations Tier 2
Sneak Attack
Bleeding Strike
Craft Thief Toolkit
Escape Artist
Open Locks
Disarm Traps
Create and Set Traps
Forge Documents
Create Poisons
Poison Immunity
Black Market
Sense Danger
Pick Pocket
Dirty Fighting