Rangers are often described as the “militant side” of the druidic order.  In reality, there are as many Rangers who are not actively aligned with the druids as those that are.  Regardless of affiliation, all Rangers strive to protect the sanctity of the wilderness.  Rangers are scouts, hunters, and loners who spend most of their time in the wild.  As such, they understand the beasts and conditions of the outdoors in an uncanny, almost supernatural way.

Rangers’ combat training focuses on standing alone and surviving a fight.  Ranger’s abilities are a blend of martial prowess and wilderness survival that makes them essential to any party traveling beyond the safety of a town or city.

Attack: High
Accuracy: Medium
Defense: High
Resistance: Low

Tough: High
Quick: Medium
Mind: Low

Hit Points: High
Maximum Energy Points at 20th Level: 124

Weapon Proficiencies:  All
Armor Proficiencies:  All

Allowed Alignments: 1,2,3
Note: The ranger may not use any Natural abilities while they are alignment 4 or 5.


Terrain Aptitude (Natural)


Rangers gain selections at level 1,3,5 // 6-12 // 13-19 // 20


Heavy Armor Proficiency
Extra HPs
Save Bonus
At Home in the Wild
Elite Ranger Ability
Fighting Styles
Fighting Style Knowledge - Requires Fighting Style
Weapon Mastery - Requires Fighting Style
Targeting - Requires Ranged Weapon Fighting Style
Trick Shooting - Requires Ranged Weapon Fighting Style
Weapon Smithing
Armor Smithing
Hide Tanning
Creature / Culture Knowledge
Druid Defender
Expert Guardsman
Extended Endurance
Terrain Aptitude (Natural)
Tracking (Natural) - Requires Terrain Aptitude
Animal Affinity (Natural) - Requires Terrain Aptitude
Terrain Survival (Natural) - Requires Terrain Aptitude
Terrain Guide (Natural) - Requires Terrain Aptitude
Natural Blending (Natural) - Requires Terrain Aptitude
Movement (Natural) - Requires Terrain Aptitude
Creature Slayer - Requires Terrain Aptitude
Alertness - Requires Terrain Aptitude
Wilderness Rest (Natural) - Requires Terrain Aptitude