Fortune tellers, illusionists, astral communers, mind flayers…Psions have worn many different names throughout the years.  Whatever you call them, their mental prowess is unmatched.  Psions work their magic through their connection to higher forces.  They can play tricks on the unguarded mind, see glimpses of the future, and harness their energy to manipulate and control objects from afar.  When it comes to sheer mental aptitude, none are as adept as the Psion.

Attack: Medium
Accuracy: High
Defense: Low
Resistance: High

Tough: Low
Quick: Medium
Mind: High

Hit Points: Low
Maximum Energy Points at 20th Level: 131

Weapon Proficiencies: Light
Armor Proficiencies: None

Allowed Alignments: Any


Psionic Spellcasting


Psions gain selections at levels 1,3,5 // 6-12 // 13-19 // 20

Spell Research
Medium Weapon Proficiency
Save Bonus
Extra EP
Fortune Telling
Uncanny Foresight
Descriptor Aptitude
Spell Strengthening - Requires Descriptor Aptitude
Spell Protections - Requires Descriptor Aptitude
Spell Extension - Requires Descriptor Aptitude
Channel Magic - Requires Descriptor Aptitude
Enhance Channeling - Requires Channel Magic
Fortified Mind
Astral Projection
Psychic Medium
Mental Targeting
Aura Sight
The Ties That Bind
Illusionary Simulacra
Master of Illusions
Independent Illusions
Repair Mental Damage
Memory Cleansing
Raise Undead
Control Undead