In a word, Performers are inspirational. Their artistry can bring out the best and the worst in people; either inspiring their greatest achievements, or sowing discord and chaos among a group. Bards are the best known performers, but the greatest generals are often performers as well, using speeches to exhort their troops before battle.

Attack: Medium
Accuracy: Medium
Defense: Medium
Resistance: Medium

Tough: Medium
Quick: High
Mind: Medium

Hit Points: Medium
Maximum Energy Points at 20th Level: 128

Weapon Proficiencies: Light, Medium
Armor Proficiencies: Light, Medium

Allowed Alignments: Any


How Performances Work
Notes About Emotions


Performance Tunes


Performers gain selections at levels 1,3,5 // 6-12 // 13-19 // 20

Heavy Weapon Proficiency
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Save Bonus
Extra EPs
Escape Artist
Sense Danger
Pick Pocket
Morale Performance
Inspiration Performance
Resilience Performance
Theme Performance
Emotion Performance
Sleep Performance
Serenade Performance
Discord Performance
Confusion Performance
Concert Performer