The most versatile of the spellcasters, the Mage class personifies the ability to work magics in strange and versatile ways. The Mage researches the ways of manipulating arcane energies, acting as living channels for the power, funneling and directing it. They are also the unmatched experts in weaving arcane energies into items to create Magic Items of all kinds.

Attack: Medium
Accuracy: High
Defense: Low
Resistance: High

Tough: Low
Quick: Medium
Mind: High

Hit Points: Low
Maximum Energy Points at 20th Level: 131

Weapon Proficiencies: Light
Armor Proficiencies: None

Allowed Alignments: Any


Mage Spellcasting


Mages gain selections at levels 1,3,5 // 6-12 // 13-19 // 20

Spell Research
Medium Weapon Proficiency
Save Bonus
Extra EPs
Resistant to Magic
Lengthened Touch Spells
Sacrificial Powers
Sense Magic
Mysterious Ways
Recall Attuned Item
Descriptor Aptitude
Spell Strengthening - Requires Descriptor Aptitude
Change Spell Descriptor - Requires Descriptor Aptitude
Channel Magic - Requires Descriptor Aptitude
Enchanted Item Creation
Signature Item Creation
Focus Item Creation
Mage Robe Creation