The fighter is the backbone of any fantasy role-play or LARP. Their ability to pick up a heavy weapon and inflict damage is their forte. Their skill trees center on improving their personal combat abilities. Some of the moves will be flashy, most will be very utilitarian, but it all boils down to “picking up a weapon and hitting something really, really hard”. Fighters start off with no real special bonuses but during their career, can accumulate a wide variety of skills to improve their performance.

Attack: High
Accuracy: Medium
Defense: High
Resistance: Low

Tough: High
Quick: Medium
Mind: Low

Hit Points: High
Maximum Energy Points at 20th Level: 116

Weapon Proficiencies:  All
Armor Proficiencies:  All

Allowed Alignments: Any



Fighting Style - Single Weapon



Fighters gain selections at level 1,3,5 // 6-12 // 13-19 // 20


Extra HPs
Save Bonus
Damage Bonus
Attack / Accuracy Bonus
Study at the Feet of the Master
Martial School Mastery
Fighting Styles
Fighting Style Knowledge - Requires Fighting Style
Weapon Dancer - Requires Fighting Style
Masterful Maneuvers - Requires Fighting Style
Signature Maneuver - Requires Fighting Style
Weapon Mastery - Requires Fighting Style
Targeting - Requires Ranged Weapon Fighting Style
Natural Armor Class
Elite Guardsman
Weapon Smithing
Armor Smithing
Signature Weapon
Armor Mastery
Barbarian Leap
Berserk Fury
Combat Maneuvers