Character Classes

Class Information

A character’s class helps determine their role in a party and can influence their personality or place in the kingdom. Each character starts at level 1 in a single class. There are three types of classes: spell casters, support classes, and warriors. Spell casters derive their power from use of magic, warriors through martial might, and support classes through exotic skills and versatility.

A character may have levels in up to two classes; one primary class and one secondary class. The character’s class at creation is their primary class. The first class has the greatest influence on a character’s stats. Combining classes early on can inspire spell creation, complement fighting abilities, or influence which class skills will be the most beneficial to a character.

At the end of each Interphaze event, a character will gain 1-2 levels. A player can choose to put their level(s) into a single class for faster growth, or add a second class for more versatility.

At the first level and in intervals as a character gains levels, a player may select class skills. Skill selections can boost a character’s stats, give them useful abilities, and allow the character to have a unique skill set from another player of the same class.

Class Abilities or Skills are categorized into four tiers, with the most powerful skills in the highest tier and only available at the highest level. Access to tier 1 abilities is gained at level 1, tier 2 at a minimum of level 6, tier 3 at level 13, and tier 4 only at level 20. Some skills build on each other and require that a lower tiered selection be chosen before a higher one can be added later. A single character does not have enough selections to choose every skill, so it is important to make strategic choices.

Warrior Classes


Support Classes

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Caster Classes

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