Interphaze Code of Conduct

To register for and attend an Interphaze event, you must agree to and follow the terms in the Interphaze Code of Conduct.

Introduction to LARP

New to LARPing as a hobby? Read our Introduction to LARP for a tips on getting started.

Step Combat

All ages and and ability levels can participate in battles using the Step Combat System.

Character Creation and Advancement

Click for information on how to start a new character or advance their level between Interphaze events.


A character’s class is like their job; it determines the role they play in both battles and social situations.


There are ten different races and hybrid races that make their home in the lands in Interphaze. Your choice of race can affect how your character looks and acts as well as their basic stats.


Every character gets to choose a unique special ability, all other abilities are based on a character’s class. Here is how you use your abilities in and out of battle.


Magic is common practice in the lands of Interphaze. Here is everything you need to know about spells and casting.


Even warriors who don’t know a thing about magic might have cause to use a potion or scroll in a pinch. Read all about items here.